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Pole Metal Detector - Ferrous And Non Ferrous Detection

  • Pole Metal Detector - Ferrous And Non Ferrous Detection
  • Pole Metal Detector - Ferrous And Non Ferrous Detection
  • Pole Metal Detector - Ferrous And Non Ferrous Detection
  • +3 Pole Metal Detector - Ferrous And Non Ferrous Detection

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Product Details:

Metal Detector TypeWalk Through Metal Detector
Alarm ModeSound, Led Lights, Vibration
Metal TypeNon-Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metals
Battery Charging TypeRechargable Batteries, Plugged in Charging
Range>10 meter
Max Scanning Widthupto 15 inches
Battery BackupUpto 8 Hours
Counterupto 25 inches




Trust Pole Metal Detector is manufactured in a fashion that it can be quickly arranged as a freestanding portable unit or unobtrusively as a wall mounted unit. All the Electronics and the Battery are housed within the pole. It will hardly take one minute to set-up by a single user. It has very simple instructions to follow – Place the Pole, secure and switch on. This is an auto calibrated machi0ne, ready to operate. Since it requires only one person to operate, it saves on operational costs through minimizing the staff and vehicle requirements for typical operations.


This is a brand new concept in India and we are proud to have monopoly for this product in the Indian markets. Pole Metal Detector is a single pole solution and has been specifically designed for rapid deployment for many of today’s common anti-crime campaigns.



·         Simple controls. On/off switch, sensitivity control, adjustable volume control.

·         Visual and audible alarm.

·         Single person portability, assembled/ disassembled in within one minute.

·         Sensors adapt to static metal environment, not effected by stationary metal objects e.g. steel reinforcements in floors

·         Full body effective head to toe detection

·         Robust aluminium and ABS construction.

·         Metal level indication on Bar graph and LED.

·         Power Source - 230v,  40 watt’s

·         Indicator - L1, L2, L3,

·         Sensitivity - 1 to 9.

·         Control - Sensitivity Adjustment, Volume Control.

·         Reset counting

·         Auto setting.

·         Alarm Mode Sound, Led Lights

·         Metal Detection Area : upto 15 inches

·         Counter Sensor range : upto 25 inches

Battery Backup (Upto 8 Hours)

Trust Pole Metal Detector TSS-POL Series is an amazing Portable Metal Detector. Pole Metal Detector is used very conveniently as a walk-by, single pole detection system. Our machine is a completely passive Metal Detector and therefore there are no health and safety concerns when considering scanning people anywhere anytime. Our Pole Metal Detector has no effect on electronic devices such as pacemakers, is harmless to pregnant women and can be scanned to any person without worrying about their health. Our machine is also non-contact and non-intrusive. 

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Covid 19 Thermal Detector

  • Covid 19 Thermal Detector
  • Covid 19 Thermal Detector
  • Covid 19 Thermal Detector
  • +5 Covid 19 Thermal Detector

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Approx. Rs 15,000 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:

BrandTrust Safety Solutions
Temperature Range96 To 108

Without Contact Easy to know Temperature



TSS-DFMZ 6 (Six Zone with Thermal Detection)


This is Our temperature testing walk through metal is special design for corona virus.


Most public area such as market, school, hospital and court etc need to install this model temperature sensor walk through metal detector.


TSS temperature testing walk through metal detector.


1  6 separated zone

2  Screen to show human temperature

3  Alarm to high temperature

4  Sensor temperature tester can test from wrist, palm, head




·         Measures Body temperature, Voice Broadcast, Temperature Display

·         Test Distance – 10-15 cm

·         Pin Point Zone Detection

·         Trust exclusive multiple target pinpointing with 6 Zones standard shows precise target location on the left centre and right of the body from Head to Toe.

·         6 Zones, Sensitivity adjustable

·         Each Zone has 100 Sensitivity Level

·         Sound and LED alarm

·         Both Side LED indicator easily shows where the metal is


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